Masters of Nonverbal Communication: The Hilarious Expressions That Define Newborn Life

Babies are fascinating animals. Arriving in the world as bundles of unceasing amazement, their eyes are wide with an insatiable curiosity about all around them. But within their naive looks and cooing sounds, there is a variety of amusing expressions that has tickled funny bones and stole hearts all over the internet. These priceless events, caught on camera and posted to the internet, provide a window into the special and often inadvertently funny reality of being a newborn.
The “Wide-Eye Wonder” gaze is among the most charming ones. Newborns approach the world with a passion that defies their little size. Wide and inquisitive, their eyes capture the sights and sounds of their new surroundings with a fascination that would appear to suggest, “Wow, this place is amazing!”
Unlike the jadedness we often acquire as we negotiate the complexity of life, these wide eyes wonderfully portray the naive wonderment that infants possess. Still another funny phrase is “Fish Out of Water Flail.” Some babies turn to a flinging arms and legs after barely emerging from the warm, fluid-filled womb. A funny reaction to their new air-filled environment, they nearly seem to be swimming. One wonders whether a small thought bubble querying, “Wait a minute, where’s the water?” shows itself above their head. This natural flinging is evidence of the tremendous change babies go through in their surroundings and the time of adjustment they must go through to become used to life outside the womb.

When a newborn is a bit uncomfortable, they also have a natural tendency for creating the most gorgeous “Squishy Face Grimaces”. These twisted forms are a wonderful mix of uncertainty, inquiry, and unquestionably cuteness. A furrowed brow might be paired by a slightly wide lips and a scrunched nose, an expression that aptly portrays the annoyance of a nappy change or the pain of a belly ache. These squishy faces are sure to make anyone smile, a reminder of the fragility and value of these small creatures notwithstanding any temporary discomfort.
Sometimes newborns lift their small fists in the air as though they have just accomplished a great task. This is the “miniature Fist Pump Victory” gesture. Maybe they rolled over for the first time, perfected their thumb sucking or just survived a nappy change. Whichever the achievement, their victorious tiny fists appear to say, “I made it!” These events are evidence of the resiliency and will even infants possess—qualities that will definitely help them as they negotiate the obstacles of life.

Babies have a clear, succinct method of expressing their requirements when hunger strikes. Their “No-Nonsense Milk Demand” expression is their focused, resolute stare latching on their mother’s breast or bottle. The message in their wrinkled brows and pursed lips is clear: “Food. Now, kindly!” Newborns sometimes seem actually startled by their birth into the world. Captured in the “Instant Surprise Gasp” look, their wide-eyed gasps make everyone laugh in wonder. Maybe the astonishment of being here at all, the bright lights of the delivery room, or the strange sounds of the world. Whatever the motivation, their emotions are invaluable, a little window into the amazement and bewilderment infants must go through as they move from the womb to the world.
Like they’re honing their pout for a baby modelling audition, some newborns have a natural ability to puckers their lips in the most beautiful way. This is the “Duck Lips Pout” expression—a lovely little pout designed to melt even the toughest of hearts. These lovely pouts serve as a reminder of the natural cuteness that infants have, which inspires protectiveness and love in people close to them whether their expression is playful or an indication of minor unhappiness.

Babies can show amusing emotions even in sleep. The “Naptime Snore” repertory includes their small snores, snorts, and the sporadic cuddle with their hands. These quiet times catch newborns’ inherent innocence and sensitivity. One is reminded of the simplicity and beauty of early life, a period of peaceful rest and tranquil dreams, when one watches them sleep. These charming reminders of the wonder and enjoyment a fresh life offers help to warm our hearts.

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