How Apps on mobile phones are changing

How Apps on mobile phones are changing

In Africa, it can clearly be seen that radio has got a special geographical reach than any other source. It even comes above television and newspaper. People out there are not paying attention towards the improvement in technologies regarding television neither they are paying attention towards the vast knowledge of newspaper.

-A radio station in Harare

There is a local radio station in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. The largely working class of Harare residents used to work on that station. It is a kind of live studio which takes interviews of radio producers along others to make them on air for people.
Unsurprisingly, the people living out there and the producers of radio station indicated a problem. According to them, the issue lies in the fact that it becomes difficult for people to communicate with each other and they blamed different mobile apps for such cause. For them, the latest mobile apps are stretching out the communication gaps among people living in the same area.

-Digital media technologies

In the daily routine, apps like whatsapp have become a milestone for convenience of people. Because of this latest app, people can now easily communicate with several other group of people regarding business or any other major task. This app has improved the communication skills of people.
Mobile apps are allowing people to conveniently contact each other cheaply. They can now contact each other without even spending any penny at their own.
Before the introduction of these apps, people tend to use land lines to contact each other. But after these latest technologies are introduced to the people, these digital media technologies makes the life of people much easier. Now the same lot of people who previously prioritize the use of land lines, considered them as an expensive means of communication today.

-The digital downside

There are number of structural constraints in the field of live studio shows. The digital media technologies are also facing a kind of downside.
For example; during a live show, the public may send several messages as the radio audience to the studio hosts. It is easy for the audience to contact the host and ask questions via Whatsapp. But, it should also be kept in the mind that the host is trying harder and harder to get all the queries on time. While doing so, an unintended situation of congested lines can also be made. There must e chances that the studio’s Whatsapp number can get stuck or hang due to over burden of queries.
Some messages can also be read unread. This is not due to any mistake of the host or the journalist. They are not doing it on purpose but this can be done because of technical setback. So, in that case, the audience can easily say that their voices cannot be heard fairly in the studio.

-Democratizing the airwaves

Basically, democracy is a state where all the citizens can be heard properly. It is a state in which the opinions of every single individual matters though he may even belong from a different environment. Even the profiles and opinions of diverse populations are respected and have given a free hand to be delivered and represented in a proper way.
According to some of the journalists, this war between radio and mobile phones is stretching out the public circle to accommodate the voices of a lot of people. Some of the journalists are of the view that in accordance to the volume, digital technologies are allowing new entities to engage themselves actively with radio.

-An encrypted universe

It is a matter of fact that due to the increased usage of social media and mobile apps, online grouping became very common. It can also be seen that the data of influential online groups is as hidden as the one who is producing it. People only came to know about the content but they are unable to find out that who published it. The reason that lies behind this is that mobile apps like Whatsapp are encrypted by default. They are made in such a way that their privacy should extremely be followed. These apps are in form of private spaces in which it is not possible to get any access easily.

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