Smart phone apps and their tracking

Smart phone apps and their tracking

Smart phones are a centrally significant part of a person’s life in the present days. It is the major source of communication between friends and family. Smart phones have make the life easier for all categories of people such as colleagues, co-workers and officials.
Researches and investigations have proved that the smart phones are well-aware of what a person is up to. This information proves to be very helpful for the companies that require to know about you. There are several companies and organizations that must be interested in tracking your every single move. This system in smart phones help such companies to track you to make their advertisement level higher and higher.
Many scholars from U.S university talked about these companies, their respective advertisements and the purpose of this default system.

-Most apps give away personal data

Berkeley, a well known scholar from the University of California indicated that 7 out of 10 apps shares personal data of the user. This personal data includes; location along with the use of apps the person is using. Some scholars are of the view that the apps that examines this kind of data used to send this information to fifteen percent of the other apps along with five or more other websites.
In addition to that, 1 out of 4 trackers received at least one newest and unique device identifier such as the personal phone number. However, this becomes difficult and crucial for online tracking services because they need to connect a lot of other personal data as well.

-Turning off tracking doesn’t always work

According to some people, turning off the tracking apps may help to avoid the spread of personal data. This group of people thinks that if they turn off all the location and tracking apps, their smart phones will never be able to track them.
A well-known scientist from North Eastern University named Guevara Noubir stated that “ A phone can even listen a user’s finger typing to discover any password.” According to his point of view, even if a person is carrying the smart phone in his pocket, it can still tell the companies about your previous and latest location.

-Your profile is worth the money

All of the information regarding a person’s location, where he is, where he has been and what he is doing gets assembled and then presented in form of a detailed digital profile. Later, this detailed profile get turned into a huge amount of money. A law professor from Wayne State University named Jonathan Weinberg explains this point of view clearly by saying that by combining all the information whether it is online or offline, apps like Facebook can charge premium rates from those advertisers who wants to know about this personal information.

-Rules and laws don’t exist in the U.S
In U.S, there is no proper rule or law regarding the safety of a person’s data or its privacy. However, federal laws used to protect the financial data of a user, medical information and information related to education records as well. In comparison to that, European rules are much protective and comprehensive.

-Whatsapp Groups

At the peak time of the whatsapp grouping, different organizations became more and more influential in this regard. Many groups exist in parliament as well. Usually, they are useful in uniting the MPs of different parties no matter they are from opposition or from the same party. Communication in a whatsapp group makes the MPs to follow party policies and its boundaries strictly. They are also allowed to discuss the key issues of their respective parties in whatsapp group but they should also keep in mind about all the boundaries and rules of using whatsapp groups.
It is also a case of relatively little knowledge that a common person did not know all the pros and cons of messaging platforms. Sometimes, these platforms tends to reshape their policies regarding security and safety and it is impossible for a common man to understand their legalities until and unless someone turns on the spotlight towards these internal matters. However, through internal dynamics, the organizations kept on influencing the politics without any further delay in the progress of it.

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