Life with Artificial Intelligence

Life with Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, we are surrounded with machines which we depend upon for our daily life tasks. Computers now have evolved incredibly and has taken everything to a new platform. Artificial Intelligence when merged with computer systems, changed everything. From air conditioners to televisions, medical equipment to cameras, you name a thing and you will find Artificial Intelligence behind it. Artificial Intelligence is a science that makes computer systems so much powerful that can even replace human beings. Making computing machines capable of taking decisions is artificial intelligence

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Mankind always had a fascination to create human like things which eventually will assist him in performing routine tasks. A machine can be called as an intelligent machine only if it is able to learn new things. If it only performs the tasks programmed by the humans, then it is not intelligent. Assessing the environment and making decisions upon those assessments is intelligence.


Robotics is the most famous and prominent field in Artificial Intelligence. This field deals with the development of robots and their related applications. Now, artificial intelligence is capable of creating machines that can learn anything and can originally formulate ideas and decisions. Problem solving in artificial intelligence is quite simple however its execution is bit complicated. First, an input is fed to a machine through human input or by the help of sensors. Machine than analyze the data and draw a comparison with already stored data. Based upon this analyzation, robot or a machine decides the best and successful course of action.

Robots are intelligent machines that learn new things, stores it and then analyze it when in future, there comes the requirement. Some robots are very social and can interact with human beings just like another human being. Moreover, artificial intelligence has made robots possible to interact with humans through speech rather than writing. This is classified as speech recognition.
Artificial intelligence has very large influence in the field of medicines. Machines can even heal your wounds in the absence of doctor. Doctors can even remotely tell the robots to treat the patients. Image recognition is the field which has evolved robotics. Image tracking and image mapping are also attributes of imaging. Anyhow, in medics robots can be more precise and accurate than humans as they can not get tired like humans do. Intelligent machines can even be sent to warzone for saving soldiers who die just because of not getting any timely medical support.

Nanotechnology is another face of computing which when merge with artificial intelligence, creates wonders. Micro machines are the machines that are changing the face of the world. These nano robots and micro machines can be injected into the body for diagnosing a disease and healing the wounds.
Role of artificial intelligence in the field of education is over whelming. Computer Aided Instructions were the first in the field of computer science for educating humans. On the other hand, video games have incredibly evolved over the period of time. Virtual Reality gears are the best example nowadays. The sensors now even detect your movements and give you a virtual environment in a virtual game. These machines turns virtuality into reality.

Banks and other financial institutions are largely dependent on computer systems and artificial intelligence. Record of stocks and commodities at stores is maintained through computers and intelligent machines. No human interference is involved at all. Weather forecasting is another invention of artificial intelligence. Space crafts and rovers sent on moon and mars are manned by robots that performs actions, make decisions and even land a rover successfully on the planets.
Scientists believe that in future humans will be immune to viruses just because of artificial intelligence. Moreover, we can find a number of applications of artificial intelligence in our daily life nowadays. We have smart tv, air conditioners and refrigerators in our homes. Artificial intelligence and nano technology, no doubt has got the future and will be the future that will change everything.


It is not possible to decide whether technology is good or bad. There are numerous researches going on in the field of artificial intelligence. Humans don’t use 100 percent of their intelligence but machines will do in future. Our daily lives are largely dependent upon machines and their use decides whether these intelligent machines will be good or bad for us.

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