How China is leading the Global App Market

How China is leading the Global App Market
How China is leading the Global App Market

It is a most accepted reality around the world that global mobile application market is touching the heights of success day by day. It is just because of the evident rise in usage of Smartphone and internet. Without both of these things, this cannot be possible.

People across the world are spending a lot of time, energy and strength on mobile apps to keep in knowledge about all the recent events, happenings, gather all kinds of news and get the latest alerts every day. Whenever, there comes the discussion about spending time on mobile apps, there is only one clear winner which is known as “China”.

 -China’s top App downloads

China is a main country which is heading towards success through mobile app industry. The country is progressing a lot and a lot in this field. The most outrageous country that is fully involved in spending much of its time on mobile is named as China. Chinese people found it very helpful for themselves to work through different mobile apps. They have spent a lot of time in searching for fruitful apps.

According to a report that is signed by Chinese government, it is estimated that nearly 50 percent of total downloads have been done in 2018. However, the established markets continued their efforts to improve this percentage. The reason behind that much downloading speed is that, they wanted to make their country as the representative among three of the top five markets for app downloads.

Previously, markets like US considered being mature markets among all of the others. It actually had a lot of numbers of new downloads but suddenly, the growth has slowed down and then stopped. However, growth in this field becomes strongest when it comes to the discussion of indicators of users.

-Optimistic future for the consumers

According to the latest survey of 2019, the number of worldwide app store consumers will be gradually increasing. It is to be considered that the number will grow five times as fast as the whole overall economy. It will also be the reason of increase in economical levels.

The role of “games” in this aspect is not avoidable. They play the role of fuel in the bulk of consumers’ growth. As mobile gaming is a proper and proven source of fastest growing consumers, so, people out there promoted it with full zeal and zest.

Keeping in mind all these facts and figures, it is really easy to accept the reality that China will still remain the largest contributor towards the field of consumer growth in regard of app stores. However, there is a slight possibility of its decline and game licensing freeze in China.

According to some of the people, China has been known as the Games Industry Capital of the world. It is evident from a lot of registered reports that its market size already exceeded the US market in the middle of the year 2017. It also exceeded some of the largest and worldly known video game companies.

There is a committee working in China for this special purpose. This committee is known as “Online Game Ethics Committee” which is established by Chinese government in December. The basic purpose of this committee is to find all the appropriate and inappropriate stuff from the video games.

-Chinese headquartered publishers

A valid report issued by the government of China is said to be a much highlighted report. According to that report, it is said that despite China’s rule of freezing the unethical games and the compulsion regarding the approval of ethical games, still China lies on top for being the global consumer spend in games.

It has a clear effect on the approvals for new game titles and they are gradually resuming. However, all the firms working in China are trying harder and harder to push their selves for global expansions in this field. They are trying to be globally and internationally extended and expanded.

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