The Impact of Pandemic on Tourism

The Impact of Pandemic on Tourism
The Impact of Pandemic on Tourism

Travelling or tourism is one of the well known hobbies of the people in modern era. It is considered to be an interesting and entertaining hobby. People feel relax and much lighter on their travelling vacations. Apart from this, tourism is considered as the best source of increment in the economy of any country. With enjoyment, it also improves the economy in parallel.

But, this duration of covid-19 has affected tourism. Due to this pandemic, people are not able to travel anymore. They are bound to some limits previously but in the latest news, everyone out there is just bound in their respective houses. People are not allowed to go out. So, this pandemic has a very negative and disastrous affect on tourism.

Previously, the jobs of a huge lot of people were on stake due to this pandemic. People were facing the shortage of employment. In the meanwhile, it also starts to affect the travelling and other outside activities.

Some countries totally depend on tourism. It simply means that the economy of those countries is not strong enough to work without tourism. Such countries are at a wider stake. Obviously they are getting much more affected. They are facing huge losses in shape of tourism failure. Countries from all around the world are geared up with the fact that it is no more possible for people to visit these countries for tourism. They are just grappling over the situation and try to find its solution to establish tourism again. The solution revolves around only

one point that these countries need to offer quarantine time period to all the tourists for an infection free tourism. But this should also give them loss.

-Development Challenge for World

This disastrous pandemic has make it clear to a lot of countries that tourism is their source of income and without tourism, the economy as well as the value of that respective country is decreasing gradually. This pandemic shows a crystal clear view to the authorities.

Previously, the authorities who were thinking that tourism means nothing, now comes to a sub-merged point that there is no progress in the country without tourism. It has become a source of decrease in poverty and increase in economy.

This pandemic has also proved to be disastrous for construction. The construction of Caribbean Hotel has been stopped due to this pandemic. Almost 30,000 rooms were to be constructed but after the spread of this infection, this construction has been stopped for an un-known duration of time. Hence, proves to be a huge loss.

-Adjusting with New Normal

Firstly, the authorities got much worried about this pandemic because it limited the lives of people and tourism in the world. But now-a-days, people are adjusting with it.

By the end of 2020, the authorities established their own quarantine points in order to enhance tourism. They do not want the tourism to be paused so they maintained a solution for the problem.

Fiji, established its own quarantine center which is known as ‘Blue Lanes’. People who are travelling from different countries must quarantine themselves there in the yachts before going anywhere else. This is how the authorities of Fiji enhanced their tourism techniques.

In the same way, Australia has introduced its own compounds for the purpose of quarantine which are known as ‘Travel Bubble’. People coming from anywhere around the world must stay in the travel bubble for their covid tests and complete their quarantine duration.

So, basically, slowly and gradually people are learning to live and get comfortable with this New Normal situation. But still there are a lot of aspects. A huge lot of people are not feeling comfortable to travel in this pandemic. Apart from all those facilities related to quarantine centers and their hygiene, it is still the choice of people whether they prefer their health over travelling or vice versa.

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