Ways to Tackle Global Job Crisis

Ways to Tackle Global Job Crisis
Ways to Tackle Global Job Crisis

Jobs are the most important source of establishment of a country. A country progresses when each and every individual living there works for himself any earns something good at the end of a day. The country is which half population is earning and other half is just sitting and talking about unemployment can never lead to establishment.

It is clear from the above mentioned idea that unemployment is a kind of poison for the establishment of any country. When every single person who is living in a country earns a good amount from his job, then the economy of that country rises automatically. Parallel to this, the majority itself moves from lower to higher productivity.

-Sense of Identity

Good jobs and good earning makes a worker much more patient and more realistic. A man who is earning good and working effortlessly for earning a good budget can also lead other workers to be a good improve in the economy of country. Such people who are gaining experience and earning something for their better days can never indulge in any criminal activity.

In the same way, women who are doing jobs and earning a good budget can easily invest in their children for their better and secured future. This is the identity which a job gives to the employees. This sense of identity is very important for every single individual. It provokes the feeling of realizing all the responsibilities. Meanwhile, it also shows the ways for solving problems to a lot of problem.

-Latest Technologies and Jobs

It is a fact that never ne denied that world is revolving around latest technologies. People are more relying on mechanical and technological work rather than self work. This may lead to a lot of unsolvable complications. People are not trained enough to do manual work because of the comforts given through latest technologies.

The countries which are much more populated with people like South Asia and Africa are more likely to produce job opportunities. They are the countries which in future will generate a lot of youngster who need to earn. According to a majorly estimate, the low earning income countries need to produce approximately 530 million job opportunity by the end of 2030. While in reality, they are only producing nearly 400 million by now.

On the other hand, country’s whose ratio of old population is increasing, they need to focus of extension of jobs in order to keep their individuals working and prevent them from being poor. However, this is not an easy task in the era of latest and modern technologies. These technologies are taking the place of jobs very clearly and evidently. The truth is that, every man is prone to use these technologies and no one can do anything about it. People are getting much used to technologies and its advantages rather than working by themselves.

-The Proposal for More Jobs

As the new technologies are prevailing all around the world, the demand for jobs and its proposal are automatically changing. Different skills are introduced in the market and everyone who is applying for any job must be pro in those skills. These latest skills are the fruits of these modern technologies. Every man is not able to learn these skills because they are complicated for many people and for the rest of people; they are much expensive to be learned. But, the reality is, it becomes the demand of new job proposals just because of the introduction of latest technology and machineries.

Due to the obvious progress in these latest trends, only the few programs are left with some positivity. Unfortunately, the impacts of a lot of programs are vigorously getting negative and no one can do anything for it. The only solution left is to improve the other section of programs in order to attain something good and positive. The designs of those usable programs should be improved on daily basis to enhance their use.

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