Relationship Glasses and the Pandemic

Relationship Glasses and the Pandemic
Relationship Glasses and the Pandemic

Everyone around the world knows about Covid-19 pandemic. People around the world are stuck everywhere due to this pandemic. They are not able to go neither outside nor even to their jobs. Due to this pandemic, all the markets, malls, restaurants and even workplaces tend to be closed every other day. So, people need to spend their lives totally at their homes because life has got stuck and taken a huge pause.

According to a survey, for some people, this pandemic proves to be a source of positivity in their lives. There is a reason behind this statement and major opinion. According to this lot of people, because of this pandemic, they usually stayed at home and it makes them to spend more and more time with their family and their loved ones. For them, they have now built a superb understanding with their relations.

While on the other hand, some people think that this pandemic proves be a worst part of their relationship. According to them, this lockdown life has make them physically and socially paralyzed and they are not able to go anywhere except their home. For them, staying at home for 24 hours and do nothing at all is the source of negativity and argument between partners and other family members. This lot of people is of the opinion that for love and respect, distance is important which is totally refraining in this pandemic.

 -The Stereotypical Beliefs about Partners

On the basis of reality, a huge ratio of domestic violence, divorces and break-ups emerges as a rise. The ratio got a severe rise during this pandemic. It seems like people are totally misleading their relationships and messing them up completely.

In a recent research and study, it is proved that individuals living in this society form a mental representation of their partners. They make a sophisticated image in their mind and then ideal this image. This imagination makes them weird in the reality. They are unable to understand that thinking and reality are two different and opposite traits.

They usually think that their partner will be perfect and this stereotypical imagination of individuals makes them behave differently in reality. When their imagination cannot meet their expectations and imaginations thing get to be worse. This imagination is a kind of tinted glasses through which one can see their partners and the colors in which they want to see their partners.

In this modern time, thinking of people is getting much more negative regarding a lot of things. Positivity is at the verge of ending. People usually develop a negative epitome of their partners from which they cannot get over. It is a matter of fact that the more you observe negative deeds in your partner, the more you came to the threshold of spoiling your relationship and the more your glasses tinted dark. As the negativity rises, it makes the glasses much more darker in color and hence a time came when all the negativity prevails which engulf the positivity.

-Changing the Mindsets

A questions arises that how to be patience and how to observe your partner through relationship glasses more clearly? One answer revolves around a mindset that you need to be authentic in your opinions and observations about your partner. According to a survey, authentication leads to a well balanced relationship. It is due to the fact that when an individual re-checks his own thoughts and opinions rather than relying on the negative imagination then he came close to the positivity.

In addition to that, another way to get over the negative situations is to change the way of your interactions. It is among one of the best ways to solve this issue. One needs to change his or her reactions towards the other individual. This will surely help a lot in making the things work better.  

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