The Human Heart and its Relationships

The Human Heart and its Relationships
The Human Heart and its Relationships

There is always a purpose of every single individual who is present in this world. Every single creation is created having some purpose. God does not create anything useless. A very deep question which every human needs to ask from him is that; what are you made for?

The answer revolves around a very basic fact that a human is made to be explored. There is always a need to be peeped inside. One always wants a partner or a family member who understand him well and takes an internal journey to explore that what is going inside him. Everyone urges for a partner who finds out the good and bad traits from a person and then extract them to make a person feel better.

-Parents and their Relationship

According to a lot of people, the parents already know who we really are. It is to be believed that the moment a baby is born, his parents were already there with him and they fully witness him growing up with all the habits and personality traits. So, for such people, the parents already knows that what their child is and what he will be adopting as habit and profession in future.

However, there are also a huge lot of people which opposes the above mentioned idea. According to this group of people, it is not possible for parents to know their child before anything else. For them, every single individual needs to be peeped inside to know about him. So, this is the point of difference between two groups of people.

-Love Map and your Partner’s Inner World

Usually it is to be believed that couples who are enough intelligent and well educated can understand each other better. They are very well familiar with the fact that for a peaceful and healthy relationship, they need to go through the inner version of their partner.

A very well known psychologist Dr.Gottman indentifies this unique understanding as a “Love Map”. This includes the part of your brain to function properly and collecting all the positive and relevant information related to your partner. In the opinion of this well known psychologist, the couple that last long used to update this love map according to their recent emotions, reactions and the events that happen in their life.

Partners who are truly in love with each other and are already well aware of all aspects of their partners, still thinks that there is much more left to know. They already understand the goals, achievements and all the efforts of their partner but still there is a room for them to understand the things better. This is a shape of true love that one always urges to find and explore something new about their partners.

-Facts Destroy Love

Majority of the relationships revolves around facts these days. People now-a-days observes the deeds and reactions of their partners and then think that it is the final knowledge about that individual. They do not even try to look their opinion which they form about their partner. They just make a mindset and then place it inside a box for decades.

If a person tends to make a strict opinion that his partner is a selfish person and then spends his whole life believing this then how come he know the positive side of his partner? He just locks up his opinion and is not ready to unlock it in any case. In case, when people think that they know each and every detail about their partner, they are basically restricting themselves from knowing more and hence their relationship revolves around limitations.

It is to be understood and no one can change the ‘facts’ about their partner without changing the whole theme and whole essence of their relationship. For a long lasting and healthy relationship, one needs to maintain a balance between expectations and realities.

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