Connection of Strong Mind and Strong Body

Connection of Strong Mind and Strong Body

In a worldwide survey, it is to be surely found that depression and anxiety are the two most common, most major and most dangerous issues faced by a lot of people across the world. Canadian Mental Health Association prints out a latest report on this issue. According to that Association, almost 20% of Canadians will have to experience a mental illness disease in near future.

There is another shocking revelation that nearly 10% of the total population of Canada that aged around 18 or somehow much older experiencing a depressive disorder, depression or anxiety. These diseases remain in the top list among young generation.

It is a matter of fact that anxiety, depression or any sort of mental disorder is regardless of age, health, earning, culture or even educational levels. These diseases cannot evaluate anything and attacks anyone regardless of any age group.

-Optimistic Approach about Healthy Body

There is a very strong and an optimistic quote regarding this situation. Everyone is surely aware of this famous quote that says:

“Strong Body, Strong Mind.”

It is the most talked concept in such situations. As everyone knows that how common this phrase is and in the same way, the evidence of its truth remains much stronger than before. There are a lot of studies and researches that shows that there is a unique and a direct link between physical health and mental health of a person.

It is identified by the result from a study by Blumenthal (2007) that exercise plays the role of an antidepressant for the patients who are suffering from anxiety, depression or any kind of mental disorder. This antidepressant and easy medication in form of exercise is the treatment of patients who are having Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

This same study and research also shows that exercise has a variety of healthy psychological effects as well on the health of a person.There is a large list of positive and optimistic impacts of exercise upon patients of depression. These include; positive thoughts, distraction from negative vibes, improved self concept, enhanced optimistic approach, sense of honor ship, sensibility and self-efficacy. These are all the attributes that proves to be very good for people having mental illness or any disorders.

-How to balance out the Schedule

Scheduling is one of the most important and unavoidable thing. Like most of the things in life, scheduling a time in doing exercise is one of the best things to do. One needs to adjust his or her timings and the time table respectively in order to do exercise of the perfect time.

One needs to take the time out to plan this kind of exercise. Make the plan around other necessary activities and take time out of other responsibilities in your life to have a quality time for exercise.
A major and most useful technique or tip to use in regard to maintain the exercise routine is to take this activity as the appointment of doctor which one cannot negate or avoid easily. It is something that one cannot likely to avoid or cancel that much easily.

-Consistency, Energy and Accountability

To make the exercise as a main activity and to adopt it as a major habit, one needs to schedule all the workouts around same time of the day so as to adopt it as a particular habit. It is very true that in order to make anything the part of your life or a habit, one needs to give it proper time.

It should be noticed that one should chose that time of the day in which that person remains awake. It does not matter that whether it is the time of day or night, the major concern remains with the proper time to do exercise. Regarding this activity, one may also consult any personal trainer for this purpose.

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