The Process of Learning to Read

The Process of Learning to Read

Learning to read is as simple as learning to ride a bicycle or a car. It only needs your focus, proper attention and some good atmosphere in order to start the phase of learning to read. Parents should pay attention towards their children from the very early childhood to make them a good reader. Learning is a process which everybody should enjoy. It is not compulsory that only children need to learn. Sometimes, elders also need to learn a lot of things including proper reading and correct pronunciation of the words.

Book reading is useful for both physical and mental health. It can never be said that it only consoles the body and the person feels mentally relax. It also helps a man to stay active physically. According to the people who are fond of books, there is no other best friend of a person rather than books. So, for them, books are their best friends and they consider them closest in comparison to others.

-Learning, Reading and the Positive Impacts on Children

Reading is very helpful in maintaining the personality of a man as a child. A child always needs to learn a lot of things and the most common and important above all is learning to read. A child must be a good reader because books contribute a lot in shaping the character of an individual.

There is a concept which is identified by the researchers. According to them, there is a theory evolving all around the world which is known as “Matthew’s Effect”. This theory comprises on a single statement that;

“If you have something, you will be having more of it. And if you do not have anything, the things which you already have must be taken from you”.

The above mentioned statement clearly means that a rich man will be getting richer and the poor man will eventually get poorer. This effect applies on money oriented issues but in case of book reading, researchers applied it in terms of vocabulary as well.

Researchers have stated that children, who develop the habit of book reading in their early ages of childhood, must have a treasure of vocabulary in their life ahead. This vocabulary helps them in their life time from school life to college admissions and then from their jobs to practical life.

-Mental Strength and the Phase of Learning

According to the well known researchers all around the world, reading makes a man physically and mentally strong. In their opinion, it builds up the brain in a very unique and collective way. Through MRI scan, these researchers indicate that reading books improve the brain. This is due to very unique phenomena that happen inside the brain.

The researches listed an interesting fact that when a person involves himself in book reading, strange signals and complex network of circuits got active in their brain. This clearly means that if the reading improves and got mature slowly as gradually, the brain of that person also got mature with that.

Researchers further works on this through functional MRI scans. They want to see the impacts of novel reading on a human mind. So, for this purpose, they maintained a group of some people and asked them to read a novel named “Pompeii”. This group was given the time period of nine days and after that, they were functionally scanned. Researchers reaches to a point that when the tension in the novel increases, a lot of parts of the brain lit up with this activity.

-Reading, as a Habit

Reading books is considered as one of the most useful habit all around the world. A lot of people are fond of reading books. There is a huge lot of people exist who develops the habit of book reading before sleeping, which clearly means that they are so much addicted to this habit that they cannot even sleep without reading book.

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